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Our comprehensive services include:

Investment Management

We forgo model portfolios and instead build a customized and diversified portfolio that complements a client’s other planning concerns, be it taxes or liquidity needs. After we define their objectives, we develop a portfolio that may consist of bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds, stocks, or other investment vehicles, emphasizing risk management and diversification.

Retirement Income Planning

A critical financial goal is to have a consistent and reliable stream of income that will last through their retirement years. We can help clients identify how to shift from retirement savings to retirement income, how to estimate monthly income, and how to ensure those assets last. Through the income planning process, we work closely with clients to create a personalized strategy that incorporates their benefits package, takes advantage of tax-deferred and tax-free retirement accounts, and addresses any questions they may have regarding their estate, Social Security, and insurance.

Legacy Planning

An efficient estate plan not only incorporates tax reduction strategies but also involves crafting a plan to ensure that one’s assets transfer to their desired beneficiaries. When done correctly, preparing an estate plan can help improve a family’s lifestyle. Working together, we help clients articulate their estate planning wishes to develop a plan that works for them and their family. Additionally, we collaborate with a client's attorney to craft an estate plan designed to pass down their assets in the most efficient manner.

College Planning

A major concern among young families is determining how they will pay for their children’s college expenses while balancing their retirement planning. We can help clients evaluate funding and savings options (such as 529 Plans or education trusts), and create an education strategy tailored to their goals.

Cash Flow Analysis & Debt Management

Many young professionals are concerned with growing their family and careers while paying off debt and building up their savings. We can assist these clients with debt analysis, consolidation, and budgeting. We develop debt management tactics designed to improve their cash flow, which may include refinancing, consolidation, or changes in tax withholding. From there, we can create a financial strategy for the future and help them stay on track.

Risk Management

Certain professionals, including physicians and dentists, require insurance both on the business and personal sides, including liability, disability, life, and long-term care insurance. A strong protection program is critical to help ensure one’s financial plans are not sidetracked if the unexpected happen. With access to a number of different insurance options and carriers, we strive to find the most up-to-date, efficient, and cost-effective programs based on a client’s unique needs.